Curated Book Lists

Here are my public Amazon Idea Lists for topics related to animal iconography:

Animals in Art and Animal Iconography (General): [under construction]

African Animal Art and African Animals in Art:

Ancient Animalia (Europe, Mediterranean, Near East):

Animals in Art of the Islamic World:

Animals in the Arts of East and Southeast Asia:

Animals in Medieval European Art (bestiaries, illuminated manuscripts, etc.):

Animals in European and American Modernist Art:

Animals in South Asian (Indian Subcontinent) Art:

Art Nouveau Nature (including general Art Nouveau books which include a good selection of nature motifs):

Australasian Animal Art and Australasian Animals in Art: [under construction]

Birds in Art:

Books about Cats in Art for International Cat Day:

Books about Dogs in Art for International Dog Day:

Books about Tigers in Art for the Year of the Tiger and International Tiger Day:

Cartography – Animal Iconography on Maps:

Delicate Animals – Animal Jewelry, Glass, Porcelain, Etc.:

Early Modern European Animalia (including animals in art as well as general works on the history of zoology, natural history, curiosity cabinets and collecting, etc. which include discussion of animal iconography): [under construction]

European Renaissance Animalia:

Indigenous American Animal Iconography: [under construction]

Insects and other Arthropods in Art:

Paper Zoos, Natural History Art, and Scientific Illustration:

Miscellaneous Animals in Art (animals which have only had 1-2 books written dedicated to their iconography and don’t fit anywhere else!): [under construction]

Women in Natural History Art and Scientific Illustration:

more on the way!

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