ANIMAL ART OF THE DAY for International Horseshoe Crab Day: “Pfeilschwankrebs”

Heinrich Harder (German, 1858-1935)
“Pfeilschwankrebs” (Horseshoe Crabs), 1916
Collector Card from Tiere der Urwelt (Animals of the Prehistoric World) Series I

Horseshoe crabs have been swimming in earth’s oceans for a long time…their fossil record goes back at least 480 million years! This card illustrates the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus), one of four still-living species and the only one native to the Americas.
(Also, their common name is misleading — they are not true crabs or even crustaceans, but rather chelicerates, making them closer relatives of arachnids and sea spiders.)

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